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Daweyu Hills is a coffee and cultural exchange project that connects you with

the Lahu Sheleh people of Northern Thailand

We are a cross-cultural organization working in the village of Doi Mod towards a sustainable and prosperous future

Our overarching belief is that by working together we can enhance the lives of many — both of Doi Mod villagers and outsiders who come to visit. Producing delicious coffee, exchanging culture, sharing ideas for our many projects has also led to some serious fun along the way!

In Lahu Sheleh language, daweyu means welcome, hello, thank you, and goodbye — a phrase full of good will

Cooperative effort is the way of the Lahu

After Doi Mod villagers showed interest in planting coffee on their land, support was offered from Seattle people, USA. Fifteen-thousand coffee seedlings were provided to village families to plant in their own plots. A Kickstarter campaign was launched, to raise money for a coffee roaster, which was then installed on the mountain.

HUAWEI VKY-L29 2976x3968_153957.jpg

Organic Arabica Coffee Roasted
by the Lahu

Daweyu Hills prides itself

on the plant to brewing business model it has developed, which enables the project to carefully manage every step of the coffee production process.

This ensures the best possible price for the consumer, a high-quality product, and the greatest financial reward for the villagers.

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Projects for a
Sustainable Future 

Daweyu Hills has a number of projects that aim to support the villagers and preserve the traditional Lahu way of life. While there is a focus on building with earth, micro-financing, and education through scholarships, other projects like the construction of a blacksmith’s workshop was recently funded to create a space where villagers can forge machetes. 

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