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Building with Earth

Earth and bamboo construction works well in the Doi Mod since it is sustainable, low-impact, and accessible. Twelve American teenaged students from Lakeside School in Seattle spend one month in Doi Mod doing service work. Each student lives with a village family, participating in everyday village life. The students have constructed bathrooms made from earth and bamboo under the tutelage of the Daweyu Hills team. So far 18 structures have been built, each one with its own unique design.



Scholarships provide educational opportunities to Lahu students who want to learn skills that will equip them as their community steadily integrates with contemporary Thai life. Reading, writing and speaking Thai; computer skills: accounting; English language all have value. For these students interested in pursuing skills apart from Lahu traditional livelihoods, Daweyu Hills finds ways to support them.



For better or worse, Lahu farmers are increasingly dependent on cash crops – corn, rice, red beans, hemp – to make a living.  Restrictions put on their traditional semi-nomadic, shifting cultivation practices requires changes in the crops they can grow. Daweyu Hills funds a micro-scale credit union to increase access to start-up capital for villagers to help address this situation.

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